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Since his appointment by Governor Perry in 2009 and subsequent election by the citizens of Tarrant County in the fall of 2010, Judge Gonzalez has built a strong reputation as the kind of Republican judge we can all be proud of. In his court, the docket moves quickly and efficiently and rulings are made based on the law as it is written. So far, after 3,375 felony criminal cases and 100 jury trials, Judge Gonzalez has never had a case reversed on appeal for a new trial. That’s effective service to the cause of justice and to the citizens who are counting on our judges to uphold the highest standards. For his service to the citizens and to the Tarrant County Republican Party, Judge Gonzalez was recognized for outstanding contribution of Hispanics by the Fort Worth Republican Women for 2013.

2014 Endorsements and Supporters

Elected Officials

United States Congresswoman Kay Granger

State Representative Giovanni Capriglione

State Representative Charlie Geren

State Representative Craig Goldman

State Representative Jonathan Stickland

State Representative Bill Zedler

Senator Chris Harris. (Ret.)

Tarrant County Judge Glen Whitley

Tarrant County Commissioner Gary Fickes

Tarrant County Commissioner, J.D. Johnson

Tarrant County Commissioner Andy Nguyen

Sheriff Dee Anderson

District Clerk Tom Wilder

Tarrant County Clerk Mary Louise Garcia

Tarrant County  Tax Assessor - Collector Ron Wright

Mansfield Mayor David Cook

Mansfield City Councilwoman Wendy Burgess

City of Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price

Constable Clint Burgess

Constable Dale Clark

Precinct Chair Endorsements

Aaron Harris, Precinct 3289

Anne Gebhart, Precinct 3157

Armin Mizani, Precinct 3365

Arthur Earl, Precinct 4242

Barry Thombs, Precinct 3215

Becky Haskin, Precinct 1151

Bill Eastland, Precinct 2168

Billy Ray, Precinct 3139

Bob Aquino, Precinct 2556

Bob Ellis, Precinct 4018

Brenda Dietrich, Precinct 2145

Brenda White, Precinct 3422

Brent Lyon, Precinct 4338

Burnie Vaughn, Precinct 3043

Cathryn Johnston, Precinct 4191

Charla Brotherton, Precinct 4532

Chris Connolly, Precinct 3392

Chuck Mogged, Precinct 3390

Dan Blumberg, Precinct 2536

Dan Derby, Precinct 4259

Dan Tully, Precinct 1208

Darl Easton, Precinct 3036

David Halvorson, Precinct 3038

David James, Precinct 2221

David Lambertsen, Precinct 1437

Dawn Horton, Precinct 2349

Dick Malec, Precinct 2174

Don Helm, Precinct 1337

Don Smith, Precinct 4222

Donald Taylor, Precinct 2356

Donna Korman, Precinct 2314

Dorrie O'Brien, Precinct 2466

Doug Smith, Precinct 3646

Durwood Foote, Precinct 3032

Edward Ray, Precinct 4540

Gabriel Valdez, Precinct 1074

George Dalton, Precinct 3321

James Wynne, Precinct 4135

Jim Barnett, Precinct 1633

Jane Burch, Precinct 2379

John Holcomb, Precinct 3517

Joseph Lehman, Precinct 1149

Kelley Roberson, Precinct 1347

Kelly Reeves, Precinct 2307

Dr. Keren Stein, Precinct 4495

Laraine Bethke, Precinct 2358

Marion Snipes, Precinct 1423

Mark Hancock, Precinct 4399

Mark Hanson, Precinct 2055

Matthew Zitrick, Precinct 3214

Melba McDew, Precinct 2219

Michael Robbins, Precinct 3385

Mike Taylor, Precinct 3323

Mona Bailey, Precinct 3333

Otis Lemley, Precinct 1022

Patricia Bennett, Precinct 2308

Paul Stockard, Precinct 1227

Peggy Borchert, Precinct 1012

Peggy Clark, Precinct 4328

Rick Weintraub, Precinct 2304

Robert Grace, Precinct 4498

Royal Smith, Precinct 3579

Ruben Jimenez, Precinct 1094

Sherry Gregory, Precinct 3196

Steve Atwell, Precinct 4528

Sue Eubanks, Precinct 3335

Susan Wright, Precinct 2306

Tony Sims, Precinct 4096

Wendy Helm, Precinct 1170


Proud to be endorsed by the Hispanic Republicans of Texas

Proudly listed as a ballot suggestion by the North East Tarrant Tea Party Leadership

Proud to be endorsed by the Tarrant County 912 Action PAC

Proud to be endorsed by the Tarrant County Law Enforcement Association

Proud to be endorsed by the Texas Home School Coalition

Proud to be endorsed by the Vietnamese-American Political Action Committee (VA-PAC)

Hamida Abdal-Khallaq, Attorney

Bill Alexy, Graphic Design, Fort Worth

John Avery, Attorney

Matthew Bobo, Attorney, Law Office of Matthew Bobo

Lawrence Brown, Attorney, Brown Firm

J. Don Carter, Attorney

Russell Cawyer, Attorney, Kelly Hart & Hallman

John H. Cayce, Jr., former Chief Justice of Texas’ Second Court of Appeals

Don Davidson, Attorney

Leigh Davis, Friend

Michael Deegan, Attorney

Michael Flynn, Fort Worth Business Owner

Tim Gilpin, Attorney

Dr. & Mrs. John Gober, Friends

David Goldberg, Attorney

Brad Gorrondona, Fort Worth Business Owner

Albert T. Guerra, San Antonio Business Owner

Allan Howeth, Attorney, Cantey Hanger

Leslie C. Johns, Attorney

Chris & Christi Johnson, Fort Worth Business Owners

Colonel & Mrs. David F. Johnson (RET)

Jeff Kearney, Attorney, Kearney & Wynn

Dee J. Kelly, Attorney, Kelly Hart & Hallman

Dee J. Kelly, Jr., Attorney, Kelly Hart & Hallman

Stuart & Kathy Lane, DFW Conservative Voters

Dr. Justyna Laska, Fort Worth business owner

James & Carol Leito, Fort Worth Business Owners

Jerry J. Loftin, Attorney

Trent Loftin, Attorney

Anthony D. Lyons, Attorney

Sandra McGlothlin, Fort Worth Business Owner

Gary Medlin, Attorney

Greg Messer, Friend

Larry M. Moore, Attorney

Adrian Murray, Fort Worth Business Owner

David Pels, Attorney, Shannon Gracey

Shawn and Amy Petrie, Friends

Frank & Tobye Poeschel, Friends

Santiago Salinas, Attorney

F.B. Strickland, Jr., Friend

Alex Tandy, Attorney

Truman & Peggy Terrell, Friends

Mary Thornton, Attorney

Buddy & Sandy Townsend, Friends

Scott & Nancy Turner, Fort Worth Business Owners

Rick & Jeanie Wade, Arlington Business Owners

Mr. & Mrs. Rusty Werline, Friends

Wm. Reagan Wynn, Attorney, Kearney & Wynn

Travis W Young, Attorney