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Dear Friend,

As a District Judge, I am guided daily by the conservative republican values that have shaped my life and career.

Conservative values led me to join the military, where I served in active duty as a United States Air Force intelligence officer. These same values led me to re-join the Air Force Reserves after 9/11.

Conservative values guided me as I prosecuted some of our community’s most hardened criminals for the Tarrant County District Attorney’s office.

And today, conservative values counsel me in decisions—that I have been entrusted to make on your behalf. As your elected judge, I promise to:

  • Interpret the law as written. Legislators make laws; judges interpret them. And it is not my role to interpret the law as I would like it to be—to “legislate from the bench”—but rather to enforce it as written.
  • Defend the Constitution. As a military service member, I took an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States. And, before I made my first decision from the bench, I took an oath to defend the U.S. Constitution, Texas Constitution and the laws of the State of Texas. Now as then, I take my oath seriously and uphold it earnestly.
  • Defend our citizens. Across America, law enforcement officers and prosecutors work diligently, often risking their lives, to protect their communities from dangerous criminals. My vision for Tarrant County is to be the best place in America to be a resident and the worst place to be a criminal.
  • Respect victims of crime. Too often, victims of crime are assaulted a second time by the legal process. My goal is to appropriately respect the victims’ rights and deliver justice—swiftly, decisively and fairly for all participants in it.

If you appreciate conservative values, I urge you to vote in the March Republican Primary to keep me working on your behalf. Our community thrives on the values of strong families, free enterprise and respect for the law. As long as I am your Judge, I will support and defend these values for you and every citizen of Tarrant County.


Judge Ruben Gonzalez