Re-Elect Judge Marlene Gonzalez

By reelecting Judge Marlene González, we continue to support a forward-thinking approach that seeks to improve the family court system and better serve our community.

Re-Elect Judge Marlene Gonzalez for Family Court: Experience, Compassion, and Innovation. Let's ensure our families receive the fair and just treatment they deserve while navigating the complexities of the legal system.

Judge Marlene Gonzalez
Judge Marlene González

Re-elect Judge Marlene González: A Strong Foundation for Family Court Justice

Experience and Expertise: Judge Marlene González has a proven track record of serving our community with distinction. With over 33 years of combined judicial and legal experience, she has presided over numerous family court cases, gaining an in-depth understanding of the complex dynamics and challenges families face. Her extensive background in family law equips her to make fair and informed decisions that prioritize the best interests of children and families. A reelection for Judge Marlene González means continuity and stability, ensuring that families receive consistent, thoughtful, and well-informed rulings that respect both legal precedent and the unique circumstances of each case.

Experience and Expertise are important for the families that come before the 388th Family District Court.

Compassion and Sensitivity: Judge Marlene González is known for her compassionate approach in the courtroom. Families undergoing legal proceedings often experience emotional turmoil, and Judge Marlene González recognizes the importance of creating an environment where all parties feel heard and understood. She treats every case with the respect and sensitivity it deserves, fostering an atmosphere of empathy that supports families during these challenging times. Judge Marlene González's commitment to treating all individuals with dignity contributes to the overall well-being of our community and ensures that the family court remains a place of fairness and justice.

Innovation and Collaboration: In today's ever-changing legal landscape, it's essential to have a judge who embraces innovation and collaboration. Judge Marlene González has actively participated in and initiated programs that promote alternative dispute resolution methods, such as mediation and collaborative law, which can lead to more amicable and efficient resolutions for families. She also values interdisciplinary collaboration, working closely with social workers, counselors, and other experts to address the diverse needs of families before the court.